Workout 09/20/14: Ruck Walk w/ SoCAL (formerly “Razor”)

Yeah, I’m having fun with the call-signs. I gotta give my buddy credit. He has twenty-some pounds in his pack and he did the 3.11 miles tonight…in flip-flops. So, that’s why I’m calling him “SoCAL”, for now.

I added another 15lbs to my pack tonight, total weigh-out according to the scale was 56.2lbs. I felt every extra pound of that during the last mile, but it will be worth it! It already is.

Here are tonight’s stats:

Start Time: 7:59 PM

End Time: 8:50 PM

Duration: 46min 52sec (faster than last time I took SoCAL out with me @ 50m 32sec)

Distance: 3.11 (I crossed the 3mile mark around the 45m 15sec mark)

Speed:  just over 15min/mile

Not too bad for adding 15lbs to the ruck!

Tomorrow: I LIFT!


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